What Kind of Art Degrees Are There in College

What Kind of Art Degrees Are There in College

Before entering College, there are several courses you need to know, from Social, Economic, Medical, Law, and Art Sciences and so on. Economic, Medical, and Law Science are the absolute course which the study is related to those subjects. While in Art specialization, it is a bit different. There are several art degrees which are taught in college. What Kind of Art Degrees Are There in College? In common, art degrees is categorized in two: history of art, and fine art. In both fields, there are many specializations within. For further understanding, here are the explanations from each field.

  1. The Degree in History of Art

What Kind of Art Degrees Are There in this field? This field study focuses on research related to history. There are many courses related to history, like the field focus on research about prehistoric era, period time of history, history of human being and nature, study of fossils, study of ancient human, and so on.

This field also contained about the study of politics and philosophy, since these two studies are contained the study about history. For that, the related majors in politics and philosophy are categorized as art science. Like study in International Relations, Study in Area, Cultural study, and so forth. Not worry for a student who had graduated from those major will get title as Bachelor of Art or Master of Art.

  1. The Degree in Fine Arts

If the history of art degree focused on the study of cultural relations and periodical time, the Fine Art Degrees had contrast field of study. The Fine Arts degree focused on study about artwork, like painting, musical, acting, and other subjects which applied art as the practical science. For this, a student who wants to apply in this course is often asked to submit their previous portfolio which means their artistic work.

What Kind of Art Degrees Are There in this field? As aforementioned field studies, like study in music, sculpture, photography, painting, film, illustration, printmaking, and so on.

Besides that History of Art and Fine Art, there are also some studies related to art which is offered by some universities. This kind of art is categorized differently with the aforementioned degree. What Kind of Art Degrees Are There? First, it is Degree in Design. Design is widely used for branding, marketing and other used.

If we look at the work of design, it is categorized as art, because in design making it needs the art for a better result. Even so, Design degree is different than fine art, because the art is specific for advertising used, textile design, graphic design, interior design, and so on.

Second is Degree in Digital Art. This Degree might be similar to Design Degree, but completely different. This degree basically used computer and integrated technologies for the work. What Kind of Art Degrees Are There? The study will be related to editing photography, illustration, games, illustration, design editing and etc.

Both of Design degree and Digital art degree are taught in more practical doing. So that in the course, the student needs to have the basic material like computer or laptop, camera, canvas and painting, and other material which was the basic material used for the study.