What Are the Visual Elements of Art you Need to Know

Visual Elements in Art is a basic thing in art. The art term, in this case, is the fine art like painting, sculpture, drawing, and the similar art. Visual art is the material object functioned as a particle of art. An artist should know and understand the visual elements of art to make the fine creation. The artist who did the art without knowing the criteria of visual art is like a human without a soul. The visual element of art is the soul of the art creativity and the point of it. Subsequently, What Are the Visual Elements of Art? Those are line, shapes, texture, color, rhythm, center of interest, and unity.

  1. LineWhat Are the Visual Elements of Art

First of What Are the Visual Elements of Artis line. Line is divided into three: straight line, curved line, and strip line. Line could give some specific effect toward the creation. The straight line makes the drawing look firm, while the curved line gives the effect of rhythmic, while the stripped line gives effect of diminishing perspective. To give the conflict effect, it could use overlapped line.

  1. Shapes

Basically, shapes are classified as two: first, shapes consisting of rectangle, a circle, an equilateral triangle, and second, a composite shape of quadrilateral, or circle, or equilateral triangle (like parallelogram, etc.)

  1. ColorWhat Are the Visual Elements of Art

Third of What Are the Visual Elements of Art is color. The use of color in the creation had three functions: heraldic, harmonious, and represent the identity of the artist. Look at the Vincent van Gough creation, most of it used the dark blue as the majority color in his creation. That represented the characteristic of him in his creation.

  1. Composition

The seventh of What Are the Visual Elements of Art is composition, which is related to the choosing of color, and the brightness or the darkness. Composition is also related to the balance of the color. In example, using much of dark color might become identity of the artist, but too much use of the dark color will make the painting unattractive and asymmetric.

  1. Texture

The fifth of What Are the Visual Elements of Art is texture. What Are the Visual Elements of ArtTexture is the surface of the shapes which could be sensed by seeing or touching. Texture classified into two: real and pseudo. The real texture is like the painting with tube paint, painting made of sands, and etc. While the pseudo ones like a tree painting which looked rude, but when touching it, it sensed smooth.

  1. Darkness or brightness

The consideration of dark and bright color will determine the result of a creation.

  1. RhythmWhat Are the Visual Elements of Art

The rhythm means the frequency of using the color. In example how to combine blue and green, is suggested to be frequently as it will give the blend effect to the drawing.

  1. Center of interest (Domination)

In a creation, there should be one or some points to show off. In example in drawing a view of nature, an artist should show one main point like the picture of the mountain, or the beach. While the other aspects like plants and other are the addition to support the main point of the creation.