The Definition of Creative Art In Five Terms

General Creativity is the ability to produce a composition, product, or idea of what is basically a new and previously unknown author and this can be related to arts. which can be either imaginative or synthesis of thought which results not just a summary.

May include the creation of new patterns and combined information derived from previous experience and transplantation long-standing relationship to new situations and may include the creation of a new correlation.

The Definition of Creative Art In Five Terms

Based on the above, creativity is the ability to produce something new that has never existed before. The process to produce new things that can be derived from the imaginative creator himself, can also come from information and previous experience of the things that will be created, then the creator merge and renewal of work and ideas ever to result in work and new ideas, and different from the work that has gone before.

The Definition of Creative Art In Five TermsCreativity as a process or capability that reflects the smoothness, suppleness (flexibility) and originality in thinking, and the ability to elaborate (develop, enrich, itemize) an idea. This understanding is more emphasis on the process of change (innovations and variations). Humans have the advantage of a mind, heart, emotion, passion, and the ability to make something. Attempts at using the mind to create something (the creation of) new, good, real or abstract called creativity in arts. The process of artistic creation has a special characteristic as below.

  1. Unique

Unique means something else than the others, who have never made one before, both in terms of ideas, techniques, and media. It would be good if your artwork is the result of his own creations, not copied from an existing one. Other works can be used as trigger ideas. Develop the idea into something unique and new. Thus, your creativity will be honed.

  1. Individual (personal)

This means that have specific traits of the artist creator, which is different from other artists because of differing views, appreciation, experience and techniques in creating works of art. Compare your work with the work of your friends. The object that is used as a trigger for art ideas could be the same. But because of the view, appreciation, experience, and different techniques, the result would be different.

  1. Expressive

The work of art is the result of the outpouring of heart in the form of elaboration of ideas, reflections, feelings, or thoughts of artists. Art that without the outpouring of heart as if to dry and could not touch feeling enjoy it.

  1. Universal

Works of art can be enjoyed by all levels of society, nations, and generations for their aesthetic sense and artistic similarities.

  1. Survival (durable)

The value of art in a work of art can be enjoyed all time because of its aesthetic value is consistent. For example, a relic of ancient works of art, we can still enjoy today. Now the question arises, whether any work of art must contain the elements of beauty and the beauty of the beach.