The Definition of Art : Overview in Some Perspective

The Definition of Art : Overview in Some Perspective, Art is part of the culture and the means used to express the sense of the beauty of the human soul. In addition to expressing the sense of the beauty of the human spirit, art also has other functions.

Understanding Art, has three meanings, among others:

  • Art is defined smooth, small and delicate, thin, soft and pleasant, petite and elegant.
  • Expertise creates quality works (in terms of beauty and subtlety).
  • Ability sense to create something of high value.

In Sanskrit, the word art is called cilpa. As an adjective means cilpa colored, and su-cilpa said means is equipped with beautiful shapes or decorated beautifully. As a noun, it means the coloring, which later developed into all kinds of craft artistic. Cilpacastra is widely touted in the art history lesson, it is a book or guidance for the cilpin, the artisan, including what is now called artists. It first has been no distinction between artist and artisan. Art understanding is that is a personal expression has been no expression of beauty and art is a society that is collective. That turned out not only in India and Indonesia alone, also contained in West in the past.

In Latin in the Middle Ages, there are terms ars, artes, and artista. Ars is a technique or craftsmanship, the dexterity and proficiency in doing something; As for artes means a group of people who have the dexterity or proficiency; and artista is existing members within those groups. Then presumably equivalent artista cilpa.

Based on research by experts declared art/artwork has existed since 60,000 years past. lascauxThis evidence found on the walls of caves in southern France. The proof in the form of paintings in the form of incisions on the walls using colors depicting life ancient human. Artifact/evidence is reminiscent of a modern expressive painting. This matter we can see from the freedom to change the shape. One thing that differentiates between human artwork Modern Primitive humans is located on the end of its creation. If early humans making art/culture in his time marker is solely for the benefit Socioreligy, or early humans are the figures that are still trapped by forces in surroundings.

While modern man making art/culture on a mass marker used for personal satisfaction and describes the environmental conditions “possible”. In other words, modern man is a figure who wants to discover new things and have broader horizons. All forms of art in antiquity has always been characterized by a magical consciousness; because it is so early human culture. From a simple life that worships nature come to an awareness of nature.

Matthew Ali divides art into 3 categories, that is:
  • Mimesis theory presented by Ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, according to this theory, art is an imitation or mimicking nature.
  • Expression Theory of Modern Art, Art is an expression of emotion or feeling artist.
  • Taste theory, art is not a beauty, but a person’s thoughts or feelings