Simple Understanding on What is Visual Arts and Design?

What is Visual Arts and Design? That question comes commonly in the mind of student who wants to take the art study in the college. Visual Art and Design in one of the subject or degree in the art study. To understand about visual arts and design, we need to understand about two aspects contained within. There are two aspects which are visual arts and design. These two terms had a different specification, so we need to look at one per one of the explanation.

What is Visual Arts and Design?
Mona Lisa or La Gioconda (1503–05/07)‍—‌Louvre, Paris, France

What is Visual Arts and Design?First, we will begin with Visual Arts. Visual Arts in the art which is show or maintaining on the visual of the object. The art form is like sculpture and painting. Some famous artist like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and so on, are the artist who had done in Visual Arts. The visual arts in first history known to be the way to present the living thing like human and scenery into an object like sculpture or painting. Like we know that in ancient era, photo is not yet invented so that people could not preserve the picture of the living thing and nature. By this, they come up with an idea to portrait the scenery into the painting.

When the visual art is beginning to discover, many artists come up with their artistic creativity to present the living thing into the material object. Kings in that era tend to have the portrait of themselves so that their future relatives known that their ancient was the king ruled the country. In this era, to know What is Visual Arts and Design?Is a part of fine art, the more specific, is the visual arts. Even so, it might not apply to all of the cases. Some of the visual arts might similar with fine art but actually had the different characteristic.


What is Visual Arts and Design?
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Visual arts also forms as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, filmmaking,arts might be categorized as fine arts, but in photography, filmmaking, computer art, and other art which is involved technology or digital within is always related to design. Then, what is Visual Arts and Design?


The visual arts and design is a study which was the combination of two major studies. In presenting the visual art, artist often needs basic design or calculation for the perfect result. In drawing, people might need design before drawing the specific objects, and it is often used in the study of architecture too. Design is often needed for visual art which involved the digital technology like computer art and photography and etc. In this term, design is the basic way to do the art. For the related subject, these two subjects and then combined to be as the study of Visual Arts and Design. The study designated for practice to present artistic objects in an attractive way. This Website Design Inspiration and Education might answer the question What is Visual Arts and Design?The study of this subject had been taught in many colleges of arts, even so, the course sometimes is a part of communication study too.