Introductions on Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication

Introductions on Arts Audio Video Technology and CommunicationThere are various degrees in Art Study. The degrees are classified into some terms, with the most known to be classified as historical art and fine art. Even so, there are many other studies which could be categorized as art, since the work and practice of it similar to fine art study. What we mean here is like digital art, design, and the study which involved technology as the basic material, but had the similar value proportion with fine art. It is also included Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication. Audio, video technology is basically classified in the study of Communication. Even so, in delivering the good audio and video, the work needs some art, so that in some study, both subjects categorized as art science.

  1. Arts of Audio and Video Technology

To understand more about Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication, we need to split between the audio and video technology. As the development era of technology, it is influenced by human way of living. In example, by the invention of television, it is then needed people who understand about the technical work about television, which is how to deliver the program toward the audiences at home in rural areas. Aside from that, the television industry also needs people who able to produce the program which will be loved by the audiences.

As the program in television work needs to entertain the viewers, it is needed to make it more interesting with the audio and video system. For that, the need of Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication in television industries is absolutely undeniable. Like in this era, where people could access videos from the internet, there are tons of programs and videos available. The problem is that not every one of us could watch all of the videos existed both on the internet and in television. Simple saying, sometimes you need to choose one of television program to watch. For that, people in television industries are competing with each other to gain the viewers of their program. Because if they could gain viewers, it will also impact to their financial.

  1. Arts of Communication

Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication are actually related to each other. For the Arts of Communication, it more specific on some subjects, like marketing, advertising, public relations, and another study which involved communication between people or organization to other subjects. In some universities, the study of audio and video Introductions on Arts Audio Video Technology and Communicationtechnology are classified as the communication science.

To understand about what is the art used in communication, here is the simple explanation. For the car industries, they need to make their consumer believe with the car specification they launched. For that, they need the art in communication to gain the consumer. If they explain their product in simple way or simple speaking, that might not gain society attention. In conclusion, Arts Audio Video Technology and Communication is commonly used in industries which need to gain consumers, marketing of some products and so on. The art is widely used to convince their customer.