Interesting Facts Of Arts Around The World You Need To Know

Here are the most Interesting Facts Of Arts Around The World You Need To Know. We provide tehse for you. Enjoy.

Interesting Facts Of Arts Around The World You Need To Know
Michelangelo, David, 1501-1504, marble
  1. Michaelangelo, Yelling to the statue he made

A painter and sculptor of the Renaissance era is still so iconic art world after 500 years of his death. Michelangelo Buonarotti Simoni Ludovivo known antique personality that is his temper, shouting to the statue of his creation, aggressive and frustrated sudden loss of the spirit of life. The psychologists analyzed this behavior due to severe depression and stress homosexual lifestyle. At that time, sodomy offender under sentence of death.


  1. Andy Warhol, artists who love to sniff the smell of Her friends

    Interesting Facts Of Arts Around The World You Need To Know
    Andy Warhol pop art: Mickey Mouse

The artist who is famous as a pop culture icon, conceptual artist, producer, actor and this illustrator has a special characteristic in appearance. Style blond hair with long bangs, to be a trend in itself. It turned out that her hair was a wig, which is always changing. Andy also had a hobby of antiques, collecting garbage or junk, which eventually collected in the museum. Oh yes, he also loves the smell kissing the feet of others, especially his close friends

  1. Listening to music while working is proven to improve physical performance.
  2. Bedhaya dance is a very sacred and only held once a year. It is said that inside the moors danced in honor of kings successor Mataram dynasty.

According Wedbapradangga regarded choreographer Bedhaya is Sultan Agung

Interesting Facts Of Arts Around The World You Need To Know
Bedhaya Dance

(1613-1645) and the first king of the greatest empire of Mataram with Kencanasari Queen, ruler of the southern sea, which is also called Queen of South. Before the dance was created, the first sultan ordered experts to create a dance piece called Looking.


At the time that was once the dance starts another atmosphere than usual. The more so when suddenly the sound of a fiddle is swiped, accompanying the release of the dancers of Dalem Ageng Prabasuyasa, leading to the Supreme Pendapa Sasanasewaka.

  1. Original Body Parts For Sculpture

When the Japanese artist Hananuma masakichi found that he would die of tuberculosis, immediately masakichi made replica statue of himself to his wife. Masakichi work in a room full of mirrors to make every inch of her body. Not enough? Even masakichi (probably did) crazy taking body parts such as teeth, and nails for sculpture replica. Masakichi died 10 years later after completing his statue.

  1. Statue Of Undead

    Jean Honoré Fragonard

Honore Fragonard is a French anatomist in the 18th century and the cousin of the famous artist Jean-Honore Fragonard. Just like his cousin, Honore also became an artist, but it seems more insane. Honore obtains nameless corpses from the death penalty then he balm with secret knowledge. Honore provides a fluid to the corpses, dissected throughout the organ and reshaping.

  1. Drinking Cat Painting Canvas

What did the artist Millie Brown is probably very, very strange? Imagine, Brown found a perfect work of art that uses a part of the artist’s body. So Brown opted not to eat anything before painting. Shortly before painting, painting Brown drank paint and start painting on canvas by way of spewing one after the stroke. Terrible? Crazy? But an abstract painting with high artistic value is formed.