Industrial Design Salary for Design Artist

Industrial Design Salary – In this era career is not limited to office work, civil servant, banker, doctor, and other famous work. In this technology development era, many works have appeared as the important work for supporting the needs of technology and other industries. One it is like designer or design artist, which work for making a design for a company or industry.Industrial Design Salary for Design Artist

The design has been widely needed in making advertisement, making the product more attractive, and even delivering message through drawing. For that, a designer artist has been widely needed for making simple and unique design or drawing, which could represent the value the company wants to deliver to their consumer. There are many website design inspiration for who wants to make a great design.

If you interested in working as design artist, the first question that comes to your mind must be: How much is Industrial Design Salary for the design artist?

Some best graphic design schools could help you to enter industrials place and leads you to the career you wanted. It is included to work as design artist in some companies or industries. You might question on how much the Industrial Design Salary for design artist, and is it related to the university you attended in the past? Most of it, the salary given is not related to the previous university you attended, and it is more relating to the work you take as a designer. Here are some criteria of the design salary according to some company or according to the work.

  • Industrial Designer Salary at Apple

Working in Apple, a big industry in technology will give you many experiences and worth of working. Industrial Design Salary in Apple is absolutely higher than working in the ordinary industry. The salary is also according to the work and also position you had there. It might be different the salary between the junior designer and the senior designer. The more work you have created, the higher salary you will get. Even so, working in Apple might give you around 35,000 USD salary in minimum. The better your creation and the more influenced your work to the industry, it will affect to the salary you will get.

  • Junior Industrial Designer Salary

Junior Industrial Design Salary might have lower salary compared to the senior. This way has been applied in many of the industries in the work. The company you work is also affecting to the salary you will get. As the junior designer, you may receive at least 20,000 USD per month. You could increase the number by making best design creation which is affected to the company project. Working as a designer might give you chance to earn more salary, based on the performance you do.

  • Freelance Designer Salary

Industrial Design Salary for freelancer might be lower than those who work in the office. Even so, a freelancer is suitable for the student to give more experiences. To work as freelancer as student, will add more experiences which you could write on your Curriculum Vitae. The more experiences you had, will give you more chance to be accepted in a big company.