How to Make Digital Art for Beginners

Digital Art is the designing way used digital technology like computer and laptop. Digital art is also related to design making. Design making has become one important matter as most of industries, institution, and products used a design for their publication or items. Therefore, the work as digital artist has been increasingly popular among people. Many people interest with the job, as it is using brain imaging to create and art, but people still able to get salary for their work. If you are interested in this field but do not know how to begin, you might ask How to Make Digital Art for beginners? Here are some tips

  • How to make digital art in Photoshop for beginners?

Photoshop is an application for computer and laptop, which is used for design making. And then, How to Make Digital Art for beginners? First, prepare the illustration you want to make. If you are a How to Make Digital Artbeginner, draw what you want to design on the paper, first. It will help you develop ideas about what you should do. Afterward, the second way is scanning your drawing, and then copy the document (which is JPEG) in Photoshop. Later you could make a layer on it and coloring, based on the drawing you have made. In the end, you could delete the scanned drawing to make you create more tidy and natural.

In the Photoshop, you could use a table to help you arrange your drawing well. How to draw digital art with the table? There is the tool menu which offers you to use a table. Click it and then tables will appear on your computer or laptop display. Afterward, How to Make Digital Art with it? You could use your sketch on the paper as the guidance. It also will help you if you do not have a scanner and could scan your sketch. This table had the same function as the table used for drawing on the paper. It will make you draw line and curve to create your creation.

  • ColoringHow to Make Digital Art

Next step on How to Make Digital Art is giving colors. After making an outline with table, give the color for the basic or the background of the drawing first. In giving color, you should begin from the very back drawing first, like the background. Continue with coloring layer by layer. Giving color from the very back drawing will be easier to edit in the future. If you give color from the top layer first, it will be hard for coloring the layer behind it, and sometimes it also could ruin your drawing as it will lapped one with another shape.

The end of How to Make Digital Art is finishing. Look at your drawing and add detail to make it more liven. In giving the detail, you could give some tiny lines, or strips to give the natural effect. Do not forget to shade your creation. If you think your drawing has finished, and then merge all the shapes or group it to be one, and then export the file to be JPEG or PDF, or another file you wanted. Furthermore, if you want to study more about graphic design, you could look at the next article about best design schools in the world.