Four Reasons Why Arts Education Is Important

Four Reasons Why Arts Education Is Important, we can’t┬áremove it from the institution that has a great chance to embed it to each learner. Prior to review the importance of arts education, it’s good to see one of these reasons:

No one subjects were only concerned with the ability of the brain, but the attitude and skills are always in the notice. But if we calculate this, each subject did not have the same percentage on the establishment of IQ (Intellectual Quotient) or EQ (Emotional Quotient). There are some subjects that percentage IQ formation like Social Studies, Science. Mathematics and so on. But there are subjects more in EQ formation on subjects that CEC. But the formation of IQ and EQ should be balanced. Therefore, all subjects shall be taught properly.

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  1. Balancing the Left Brain and Right Brain

Nurtain (2000) states that the work processes of the brain that is two brain hemispheres the right and left hemispheres of the brain. All of the parts it possessed a different function. Therefore we have to fill both hemispheres of the brain. People who use both hemispheres of the brain is likely to be balanced in every aspect of life. Learning feels very pleasant and easy for them because they have the option of using part of the brain that is required for each job they are facing. Most communication is expressed in the form of verbal or written both of which are a specialty of the left brain. The fields of education, business and science, including charging the left brain.

To balance the right brain needs to be filled with music and aesthetics in the students’ learning experience and provide positive feedback which makes the brain more effectively. Positive emotions lead to brain power that leads to success, honor the higher self.
If the left brain and right brain balanced, it can disappear sense of stress and poor mental health. Students can learn with fun, joy, capable of expression and so on. Boredom in the face of untreated subjects. Therefore the CEC in particular art lessons need to be taught in order
left brain balance.

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  1. Fostering Creativity Students

One of the advantages given by God to man is the mind or thought. With this man is always seeking ways and new possibilities, even with the human mind can make goods and use of goods. This is what is called the creativity.

  1. As an entertainment

As has been explained above that in primary schools teach some subjects every day. At least four subjects in one day. In general, these subjects form IQ. Therefore art lessons as a distraction to entertain, eliminating tension and fatigue in the thinking brain. In these subjects, they have fun, joy and play while creating. Therefore, art lessons students can treat brain fatigue.

  1. Developing Potential

Actually, in every human being, there is a sense of art that is present at birth. It is our view of a small child who has a just clever stand when listening to their music is always rocking. Without at realizing at every hearing music they always do. And when they were growing up began clever saying, when hearing their music humming and mimicking the rhythm of the song.