Definition of Cultural Arts Based on The Experts

Definition of Cultural Arts Based on The Experts. Art is a loanword from Sanskrit that is sani. Which means ‘worship, service, and sacrifice’. So that the word has a close bond with a religious ceremony or we are familiar with the name of ‘art’. Meanwhile, according to Padmapusphita, the word itself comes from the Dutch art (genie) meaning ‘genius’. That means, according to Padmapusphita, art is the ability of the talent that is present at birth. The more definition of art is as follows:


Aristotle’s definition of art in the opinion is the disclosure form and appearance never deviated from reality and art is imitating nature.

Ki Hajar Dewantara

According to Ki Hajar Dewantara that the definition of art is the result of the beauty that can move people to see a wonderful feeling, therefore, human actions can affect can lead to feelings of beautiful art.

The word culture comes from Sanskrit which buddhayah which means something that has associated with mind and human reason. In the English language, a culture called culture which comes from the Latin, Colere. Which means processing or working. Below is a collection of information from experts on the definition of art and culture and the definition of art and culture. Here is some definition of culture:

Edward Burnett Tylor

Understanding culture is the entirety of a complex that it contains knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and other abilities from any person as a member of society


Understanding culture is the system livelihood; system and technological equipment; a system of social organization; knowledge systems; language; art; as religion and religious ceremonies.

Harry Sulastianto

A professor of fine arts at the University of Indonesia explains, art and culture is one skill to express ideas and thoughts aesthetics, including leverage the power and imagination of views on the matter, the atmosphere, or the work so as to cause a sense of the beautiful which create a civilization that is more modern.

In the presentation delivered by Harry S above, we can conclude that’s art and culture is one conclusion of the ideas and creations that are applied to the art form, with the aim of advancing civilization and culture.

Muhammad Thoyibi

Art and culture are the embodiment of a sense of art that has become a culture that is included in the cultural aspect, which can be felt by many people in the span of the history of human civilization.

It can be concluded from the information belonging to M Thoyibi, that can be called ‘art and culture’ is the culture in the form of art, which is where the culture can be felt by many people both in the past, present and future.

Sartono Kartodirdjo

Arts and culture is a comprehensive system for arts and culture can run effective communication, among others through a single part can show the whole. According to Sartono Kartodirdjo who is also a historian, art and culture are a forum to express something with effectively through art. Suppose that in some areas in Indonesia, there is a special art of dance culture is meant to welcome guests. And in other areas there is also a cultural art of dance is only performed when the war will break out, to encourage the soldiers.

Ida Bagus Putu Perwita

Arts and culture are a means of supporting traditional ceremonies. Short, dense and clear. Statement of Ida Bagus though brief, yet very precise. Because certainly in any of the traditional ceremony, we will find these ceremonies accompanied by the art. Whether it objects, dance-dance, music, poem readings and so forth.