Basic and General Kinds of Art

Basic and General Kinds of Art, in the process of creating a work of art, an artist always in touch with the media selected, the techniques used, and how to enjoy it. Based on this, art can be divided into art audio, visual art, and audio-visual arts.

  1. Audio art is art that can be enjoyed by the senses hearing (ears). Examples of audio art are as follows:Basic and General Kinds of Art
  • Music art
  • Literary art
  • Sound art
  1. Visual art is art that can be enjoyed by the senses vision (eye). Examples of visual art are as follows.Basic and General Kinds of Art
  • Two-dimensional art that includes line, light, color, shape, and motion. For example,
    painting, art graphics, and cinematography.
  • Arts includes three-dimensional space and form that can be tried. For example, sculpture, architecture, dance, and pantomime.
  1. Audiovisual art is art that can be enjoyed by the senses of hearing and vision. Examples of audiovisual art are as follows.Basic and General Kinds of Art
  • The art of dance is a fusion of movement and tone.
  • Arts drama is a combination of movement, words, and visual.
  • Opera art is a combination of movement, tone, and visual.

In general, the kinds of art you can see as follow:

  1. Fine Arts

Fine art is one of the branches of art. Fine art has a fixed and stable form that is using such elements as one manifestation of which is classified in the form of drawings, painting, sculpture, graphics, crafts, craft, and multimedia. Terminology in basically been determined as the skills of someone who could master the field of loveliness. Arts into one piece branch of art that are performative presenting tangible form. The illusion of form can be absorbed and felt into the shape classification as noted at the top. Representation art forms considered synergistically through media event used as the basis for such embodiment.

  1. Music Art

The element of sound is the main element of the art of music. Another element in the form of harmony, melody and musical notation is a form means being taught. Media art music is vocal and instrument. Characters musical instrument may take the form of Western musical instruments and nusantara musical instrument/traditional. Kinds of traditional musical instruments, among others, consists of flute, xylophone kromong, gamelan, angklung, tambourines, lutes, and kolintang and arumba. Types of Western musical instruments, among others, consists of piano, guitar, flute, drums, electronic music, sintetiserr, saxophone, and trumpet.

  1. Theatre

Basic competence fields of theater arts include the ability to understand and work the theater, the ability to understand and create a script, the ability to understand a role in casting the ability to understand and make the setting or planning stage performing techniques and the creation of atmosphere as enhancements in charge of the theater arts. On the other hand, the ability to understand to play outside him is a special mastery that must be mastered technically in working theater.

  1. Dance

Media said the dance is movement. Dance movement is a movement that is refined and given an aesthetic element. Motion in dance serves as a medium to communicate the specific purposes of the choreographer. The beauty of dance lies in the form of satisfaction, happiness, good choreographer, props and audience or spectators. Basic competencies in studying the art of dance cover basic practices and proficient in mastering dance includes traditional dance and dance filmed, the ability to understand the direction and purpose of the concept of choreography choreographer in the group.

  1. HandycraftsBasic and General Kinds of Art

Art branch is basically prioritized the skills of hand in the form of objects handicrafts. It handicraft includes elements of embroidery, lace, folding art, decorative arts, and arts that emphasize dexterity.